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Expat Insurance In Spain

We offer insurance for Expats in Spain. This includes Spanish health insurance for residency or if you just need supplemental medical insurance. We may also provide you with auto insurance, dental, home and renters insurance as well. We speak your language and can assist in English via email and phone and offer documentation in various languages too.

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Exclusive Caser Seguros Agent

Caser is an insurance group that was created over 75 years ago. Our purpose has always been to provide a valuable product and excellent insurance service in Spain. And now we even have products to cater to the foreigners residing in Spain (Expats).

More than 1,600 people work at Caser and provide over 2.3 million clients with our products and the best insurance in Spain and expat insurance in Spain too. Our headquarters in Madrid coordinates thousands of operations, recommendations, calls, quotes, and solutions on a daily basis.

Moving to Spain?

We are not only insurance providers. In addition, we offer some relocation assistance with expats wanting to move to Spain, from SIM cards to assistance with the non-lucrative visa and Residency. Read more about our additional Spain relocation services here.

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