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We offer services for expats moving to Spain!
* Spanish SIM cards from Lobster (the All in English mobile provider, including calls the the UK and USA in the plan)
* Spanish residency visas and renewals ( Spain non-lucrative visa application and the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain).

How can we help you with your Move To Spain?

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Non-Lucrative Visa Spain

If you are planning to retire in Spain or move to Spain and not work, we can assist with your non lucrative visa application and your renewal.

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Digital Nomad Visa Spain

This is new and exciting, so let us help you navigate all of the paperwork for your Spanish Digital Nomad Visa.

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Spanish Residency for EU citizens & Family

Residency in Spain for EU citizens and their family. We can assist with your paperwork or help you understand the requirements.

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Spanish Phone Number

We offer Lobster SIM cards and can send them to you before you arrive. All of the support is in English and calls to the UK and USA are included in the plan.

Frequently asked questions regarding private health insurance in Spain for expats. This meets the Spanish residency requirements. insurance options for expats in Spain. Read more on Expat Insurance in Spain


You can trust us with all your insurance needs like health, renters insurance, home, dental, car, moto, pension plan and more.

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