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Expat Car Insurance in spain

If you are planning to move to Spain, you will likely be needing car insurance. Contact us for a quote for your new car or if you would like to switch from your existing company. Our low rates and special products for expats, just to be sure your driving is worry-free. We offer the maximum no claims discount for expats, so we assume your driving record is good. We will provide a quote to those with a Spanish driver’s licence or one validated in Spain.

We have an approved network of over 500 premium garages to choose from within Spain or if you have full comprehensive, you will have to option to choose the garage of your choice.


Compulsory Civil Liability

Many things can happen on the road. One of the main purposes of car insurance is to cover Compulsory Liability. With this guarantee, we assume responsibility for the compensation of material damages and/or personal injury that you might cause to the third party if you are responsible for an accident behind the wheel.

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Voluntary Civil Liability

We cover the obligation to compensate the damage you, as an insured driver, may cause to third parties. When the Compulsory CL is just not enough, this coverage guarantees you the compensation that goes further.  

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Legal Defence

You aren’t always in control of what happens to your car. Sometimes there are accidents and some claims may end up on trial in court. We will be by your side throughout these situations. We will assume the expenses of hiring a legal defence and the bonds you may be enforced to pay in criminal proceedings.

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Managing Fines

Do you have traffic fines? We will help you with appeals, including legal advice for allegations and penalties due to traffic infringements, preparing documents, and administrative resources. We also provide resources for recovery procedures.

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Travel Support 24 / 7

24 hours a day and you are covered from the first kilometer and in English! Mechanical support, towing, and rescue. Transport or repatriation of sick people, tracing lost luggage, sending urgent messages, travel and accommodation for companion in case of an overnight hospital stay.

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Personal Damages

An accident may cause more damage than just to the car. We also cover the people traveling in your car. This coverage includes personal damage that may be caused to you or your passengers in an accident.

Types of Car Insurance In Spain

Car Insurance FeaturesBasic Third Party
Minimum Required
Third Party Extended
A Bit Extra
Comprehensive Auto Insurance
Maximum Protection
Minimum Legal RequirementsCars < 5 years old
Compulsory Civil Liability
Voluntary Civil Liability
Managing Fines
Legal Defence
Travel Support (24/7)
Choose within Garage Network
Fire optional
Windscreen Breakage
Free repairs / replacement
Vehicle Damage
Stop & Go
Free Choice Of Repair Garage
Choose Your Excess Amount

More Optional Coverage available for all plans: Replacement Vehicle, Driver’s License Revocation, Highly Protected Driver, and more.

Exclusive for Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Stop & Go! Repairs on the spot!

Included with the car comprehensive insurance, saving you money, time, and ease of stress. If your car stops due to a mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown, the Stop & Go feature will get you back on the road in no time. If it isn’t possible to do an on-site repair, we will bear the cost of repairing your vehicle. This is offered exclusively with our Comprehensive insurance.

  • On-site repairs on the spot
  • Transfer to a garage of your choice
  • We cover repair expenses
  • No value limits

Choose Your Excess Amount!

With the full comprehensive insurance, you may choose the amount of excess* you would like for your policy. Keep in mind the higher your excess amount the lower the price of your annual policy will be.

Choose from an excess of 200€, 300€, 360€, 600€, or 900€.

*What is excess? Auto insurance excess is the fixed amount you have to pay when making a claim with your Insurer. It is also known as a deductible.

Stand Alone Policy For Anyone*

Coche x Coche

We offer the only insurance policy on the market that gives you a replacement vehicle to keep after a crash*. With our Coche x Coche plan, we will provide you with a permanent replacement car (you will own), if the cost to repair your current vehicle exceeds the car’s value.
*The is a stand-alone policy available to any driver with a vehicle under 15 years old, who is worried about losing their car as a result of an accident, no matter who you are insured with.

  • No taxes or transfer costs
  • One year warranty with no kilometer limit
  • Many vehicles with similar features and style
  • If you don’t like the replacement car options, you will instead receive 120% of the value of your car
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