Travel Insurance for expats living in Spain

For those who like to travel frequently, we offer worldwide travel insurance for multiple trips during the year. Each trip may be a maximum of 90 days and must start/end in Spain. You must be a Spanish resident with an NIE.

  • Medical expenses in Spain/Abroad Including Covid-19 In the event of any unforeseen event or illness abroad, we will take care of the costs of medical, surgical, and hospital assistance up to €1,500 in Spain and €100,000 abroad.
  • Dental Expenses Abroad In the event of an emergency that requires dental care, we will cover these expenses up to €150
  • Shipping of medications We will send any medication that the client needs and is not available at the destination, without economic limits
  • Repatriation or medical transfer throughout the world, including Covid-19 If during your stay on a trip you suffer any accident or illness, transfer to a hospital, and later to your home, without financial limits
  • Extension of hotel stay due to sudden illness or accident, including Covid-19 In case of illness or accident, which prevents the return trip, we will take care of the stay in a hotel with a limit of €100/ day and up to 10 consecutive days.
  • Round trip travel of a family member In the event of any accident or illness of the client, we will take care of the transfer and accommodation of a family member to any place in the world to accompany them.
  • Expenses for the stay of an accompanying family member, We will assume the stay in a hotel for the family member who is displaced to accompany the insured, with a limit of €100/ day and up to 10 consecutive days.
  • Compensation for lost luggage If it is not possible to recover the luggage or it has been stolen, you will be entitled to compensation of up to €1,300.
  • And much more. Download more information

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