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Funeral Insurance

Expat Funeral Insurance in spain

If you are planning to move to Spain, you may want to consider funeral insurance. This will provide you with peace of mind that your loved ones won’t need to navigate this on their own. We provide services to help them will all of the arrangements, legal advice, documentation, and repatriation.

Spain Funeral Insurance

Funeral Insurance & Repatriation Features Included
Repatriation services to country of origin *
Spain Cremation or Burial services
at location selected by the insured’s family:
Coffin, Hearse, Additional car to accompany
Shroud, Fresh Wreath. Publication of Obituary
Funeral service (Religious, Home, Funeral parlor, Cemetary)
End of life administration (documentation, certificates, admin formalities, proceedings)
Cremation or Burial (with marble or granite headstone)
Personal assistance (lawyers, legal orientation in relation some aspects of Spanish law for home, auto, contracts, assets, persons)

Note: If the country of origin Repatriation services are selected, full funeral services are not included in that country. When funeral services in Spain are selected, services will be adapted to your customs and wishes. Choose from burial or cremation, complete with the guaranteed quality of Caser.

Note: The repatriation of the insured party from anywhere in the world to the burial or cremation place is included in this coverage.

International Transfer Assistance for accompanying party

Ticket for a return flight in tourist class or other suitable means of transport to accompany the body during the transfer.

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What happens if the costs of the mortuary services is smaller than the value guaranteed by
the policy?

If the burial or cremation happens in Spain or if it happens in the country of origin established in the policy, the unused
amount will be paid to the beneficiaries of the insurance.

What is not covered by the insurance?

The insurance does not provide services or compensation as a result of death of the insured due to war,
revolution, mutinies, epidemics, and those declared by the government to be of catastrophic nature.

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