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Expat Health Insurance in spain by Caser

If you are planning to move to Spain, you will likely be required to show proof of coverage for private health insurance for your visa or residency. The requirements have evolved over the years and at present, it needs to be equal coverage to the Spanish health system. Caser Seguros meets the visa and residency requirements and gives you dental too! We offer insurance to those 69 years old and younger for visas (non lucrative visa, digital nomad visa, student visa, EU citizens wanting residency in Spain and more).
Download the full brochure here or you may prefer to read our Health Insurance FAQs.


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No Co-pay​ / No Deductible

Use any of the over 45,000 providers in the medical network and there are no co-payments* (*except for 8 Euros for Psychology).

There is no annual deductible to meet prior to being covered.

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Repatriation (add-on to policy)

The add-on policy covers the transfer of the deceased insured in Spain or when traveling abroad (except in his country of origin), to the place of destination in his country of origin designated in policy, including embalming and transport coffin costs.   

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Comprehensive Dental Care

Sonrisa Esencial is included and gives you dental benefits with a guaranteed price limits and no waiting periods.

40+ services free of charge
Free dental plan for under 15 yrs
Save up to 50% on treatments  

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Caser Seguros Adapta plan meets all of the requirements for NIE, residency and visa. We offer a offers an official certificate to add to your documents.

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Quality Care 24-hour Access

Caser offers dedicated English-speaking 24-hour medical and pediatric care via the telephone and online. So you have peace of mind, you will be looked after every day of the year. Other languages include French, German, Dutch.

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Travel Insurance

Medical care abroad. Up to 90 days and 15,000€ per insured party per year.

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